Our Deparment Member Dr. Ferhat BİNGÖL’s study is in the national press: “Turkish scientist developed a new method to calculate efficiency in wind energy”

The news made by the Anatolian Agency (AA), The calculation method of Ferhat Bingöl, PhD member of Izmir Institute of Technology Energy Systems Engineering Department, which minimizes the margin of error in wind turbines, has been registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

The new link: https://www.aa.com.tr/tr/bilim-teknoloji/turk-bilim-insani-ruzgar-enerjisinde-verimliligi-hesaplayan-yeni-bir-yontem-gelistirdi/2214302

İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) Energy Systems Engineering Department Doctor Lecturer Ferhat Bingöl, he developed a method that makes calculations taking into account the differences on the surface at the point where the wind turbine will be installed and thus obtains healthier wind atlases.

TUBITAK “International Experienced Researchers Circulation Program”, in 2014 and returned to Turkey Bingol, wind turbine production account wind the margin of error in making, using atlases providing minimize calculation method, the Turkish Patent and Trademark certified by the Authority.

Ferhat Bingöl stated to the AA correspondent that he wanted to study on wind energies after he graduated from Istanbul Technical University Aeronautical Engineering and applied to Denmark Technical University, which is in a good place in this field.

Once accepted by the University TUBITAK conducted “International Experienced Researchers Circulation Program” 7 years ago explaining returned to Turkey Bingol, İYTE within the “Wind Interpolation Calculation of Coefficient of Atlas in the Atlas Point” was passed complete the study titled.

“Simple but effective method”

Bingöl stated that thanks to the method in question, the differences on the surface at the point where the wind turbine will be installed can be calculated better and this will increase the efficiency.

Stating that renewable energy has come to the fore in recent years and in this sense, wind atlases produced from modeling in wind energy and provided with measurement data are frequently used, Ferhat Bingöl said:

“In the previous methods, the desired point could not be reached in real terms while calculating. This method shows which point is appropriate and smoother results can be obtained. It is very important to determine the place where energy will be produced in wind energies. Therefore, the method in question allows investors to make better predictions and faster. It is a simple but effective method and its patent application has been accepted. We are very happy. Relevant companies will want to contact us and use it. But at the same time, we want to develop software and service it in our department.

Emphasizing that the results can be seen more clearly when a wider use is reached, Bingöl said, “We tested that we have a method of making approximately 5 percent better estimation from the measurement pole here and from different parts of the country. It means the difference. Sometimes a rate that can decide whether to invest in a facility or not. ” he spoke.

Ferhat Bingol, having no flat land of such methods and complex described as the land of Turkey, Greece, stating that he believes will create significant differences in countries like Spain, but also the methods, forest, lake that such regional effects are also yielded impressive results because it can take into account, he added.