Erasmus+ Program allows our students to study at higher education institutions in the European Union and to gain practical work experience by doing internships in institutions and organizations. At the same time, the program provides the opportunity for faculty members/instructors and instructors to follow the education-teaching techniques applied in different higher education institutions by making mutual exchanges to teach and for the personnel to receive training in (academic and administrative) higher education institutions or private institutions. Another opportunity offered by the program is that European professionals working outside higher education institutions can come to teach our students. The International Relations Office (IIO) contributes to the increase in the recognition and diploma value of our Institute throughout the European Union by accelerating the Erasmus Program activities.

Within the scope of the ERASMUS program, you can see the universities that our department has contracted with from the table below.

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Almanya Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg TR_IZMIR03_D_FREIBUR01
İspanya Universidad de Burgos TR_IZMIR03_E BURGOS01
İsveç Uppsala Universitet TR IZMIR03-S UPPSALA01
Polonya Bialystok University of Technology TR IZMIR03-PL BIALYST01
Polonya AGH University of Science and Technology TR_IZMIR03_PL_KRAKOW02
Polonya University of Warsaw TR_IZMIR03_PL_WARSZAW01
Romanya Technical University of Cluj