About Us



Energy Systems Engineering Department (ESE) was established in April 22nd,  2014. Prior to forming the academic programs under the Department, strategic plan studies have been carried out.

The Energy Systems Engineering Department is a multi-disciplinary program dedicated to enhancing energy literacy and deepening multi-disciplinary energy knowledge, particularly among the leaders of tomorrow’s science and technology communities. The Department fosters collaboration among industry, government, academia, non-governmental organizations, and the public to address the technological, economic and social aspects of sustainable energy development and use.

It serves as a focal point for energy activities throughout the Institute. In addition, the Energy Systems Engineering Department brings together collaborating faculty and staff in various departments to carry out multi-disciplinary research that leads to holistic assessment of problems and solution options in meeting the demand for energy and resource production and use. There is a strong focus on engineering and science based activities in key technology, modeling and monitoring areas. The Department strives to contribute to the improvement of environmental decision making at all levels through better application of scientific and technological knowledge. In partnership with industry, government and civil society, it carries out research for the implementation of practical effective solutions.