Turkey’s First Offshore Wind Measurement Mast was Established in Aliağa.

Within the scope of the cooperation studies carried out between Izmir Development Agency and Izmir Institute of Technology, IZTECH Energy Systems Engineering Department Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Ferhat BİNGÖL is the project manager and our department faculty member Assoc. Dr. Ziya Haktan KARADENİZ and Research Assistant Fatih KARIPOĞLU are part of the project team which in “Izmir Offshore Wind Measurement Project“, continues.

Within the scope of the project, a 40-meter-long offshore wind measurement pole was installed on Küçük Island off the coast of Aliağa and data on the wind capacity of the region began to be collected. The data collected for 1 year will be shared with the sector and will contribute to the necessary modeling for the development of the offshore wind sector in the region.

As IZTECH Department of Energy Systems Engineering, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this pioneering study for our country and the sector.

You can watch the documentary in which we recorded the installation of the wind measurement pole within the scope of the project, from the link below.