One of the supports of 2551 TÜBİTAK-British Council 2019 goes to ESE

Faculty Member Asst. Dr. Güray Yıldız succeeded to be among the projects to be supported by the project prepared for the call of 2551 TÜBİTAK and British Council 2019.

Since 2014, together with executed in 2551 TUBITAK and the British Council Bilateral Cooperation Program, “Katib Çelebi-Newton Fund” within the framework of Turkey and the United Kingdom between science, technology and scope of the program that was created to support the development of cooperation in the field of innovation in drop calls with the two countries, the establishment of sustainable partnerships in these areas It is aimed. The program, which has many collaborative research areas such as energy, automotive, health, agriculture, food, advanced material technologies, robotics and mechatronic system technologies, has been awarded seven successful projects. In the same call, Assoc. Dr. Aslı Yüksel Özşen also managed to get support. In this way, two of the seven projects that were accepted came from IZTECH.

We congratulate faculty Members Assoc. Prof. Aslı Yüksel Özşen and Asst. Dr. Güray Yıldız and wish them continued success.